Personalized Remindfulness

Our lives are filled with joy and inspiration, and it comes alive when we focus on the goodness of life. Personalized remindfulness helps with this. Use the method below to recognize all that is good in your life, then create remindfulness that focuses the heart and mind on this goodness. The process of recognizing life's beauty brings joy into life, and the remindfulness maintains our focus on this wholesomeness, thereby expanding the joy. This adds tremendously to the wholesomeness of life, and how easy it is!

Seeing the goodness in All That Is

With a simple sheet of paper in hand, consider all you are greatful for and write it down. Recognize that you have a degree of each of these many things in your life. It may be a little or a lot, but it is there. Now consider how you increase this wholesomeness in your experience. This is how you bring this goodness to life. Write this down too.


You have just created an inspirational quote of your very own. The wholesomeness is what you love, and the method is how you realize it. With a little creative wording, it can look just like the quotes above... and it's yours! How easy it is to find our inspiration when we focus on the wholesomeness and recognize what brings it alive. Make four of these glorious quotes, each time by finding the wholesomeness and recognizing how you embrace it.


Are you ready? Le'ts build our personalized remindfulness!


Creating the Personalized Remindfulness

Our frame image will work on any computer. Begin by downloading it here. Also find four relatively square pictures on your computer that represent the joys you identified and how you embrace them. If you don't have appropriate pictures, engage in your wholesome activity and take some, or request one from your loved one!


Now open your word-processor and copy your personal pictures into a new document. Set them to display behind the text (right click the image, choose wrap text, and behind text if you are using MS Word). Orient the pictures on the page so there are two pictures across and two down, for a total of four images. Now drag or copy the downloaded frame image into the word-processor and set it to also display behind the text. Voila! Four tailored pieces of remindfulness, complete with borders and everything! Size the frame to fit the printable page area by dragging the corners or edges, and you are nearly there! Now drag the frame to the side of the page and move or resize your four images so they'll look good behind the frame. Now drag the frame back and the art should look complete. Print this now if you intend to hand-write your quotes, or proceed to the final step if you are savvy with a word-processor.


Create a floating text box so you can type anywhere on the page (If you are using MS Word, choose insert menu and then text box). Now add your first motivational quote; then move the box to where you'd like it. Repeat this process with the remaining three quotes. Be sure to use a style of text that's fun, and choose a comfortable reading size for the text. When you're done creating, save and print; then cut out the remindfulness.


Though you may be tempted to trim the guidance on the bottom of each piece of remindfulness away, I suggest leaving it to help you realize greatness. This text is a reminder that you've chosen to Be Your Greatest Self, something to be very proud of. It also helps those your art inspires to find the guidebook, become their greatest selves, and claim their lives of legend. It's part of how we fill the world with greatest selves.


Place your four pieces of personalized remindfulness where they will be seen and bring a smile.


Remindfulness works with the kids, and even online!

Easily create personalized remindfulness and involve the children with little more than some heavy white paper, copies of a few meaningful pictures, glue, a felt pen, and scissors (parents may need to help here). Cut and glue the pictures onto rectangular card-stock to create borders as in our sample images. Make a few and let the glue dry before writing on them.


Now brainstorm with the children about what gives each picture meaning; this teaches them to find the wholesomeness and embrace it, shaping them early for their lives of legend. Build quotes together that they love, and have them write these on the remindfulness cards, helping as necessary. Be sure to write Be Your Greatest Self on each; this brings the heart alive, adding to self-esteem and guiding us to greatness.

Well done! You now have remindfulness that has an extra-special place in your heart and the hearts of those you love. Place these special reminders where they will be seen and appreciated often.


There are dozens of ways to actively engage in success. If you enjoyed this activity, be sure to repeat it regularly and engage your friends and family in it. Imagine for a moment, a few of you gathered around a table or even engaging virtually over video chat. Can't see and play with the grandkids or others you appreciate right now... sure you can! This remindfulness activity can be done in person and online. 

This simple activity focuses us on finding the light, or goodness in All That Is, and helps us get used to embracing it. This is essential on the journey to Be Your Greatest Self. For more than a dozen additional ways you can lighten life and make it legendary, supplement your Be Your Greatest Self guidebook with the Enhanced Personal Journal. From empowerment techniques, to methods we use to heal our greatest challenges, to the hundreds of unique quotes that focus our minds and hearts, the journal really does make the journey to Be Your Greatest Self faster, easier, and more engaging!