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Surround yourself with inspiration! Print-ready wall-art keeps wisdom focal, enhancing progress on the journey to Be Your Greatest Self and claim legendary life. Explore and download these here.

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Create personalized remindfulness with ease using ideas, tools, and techniques by The Inner Buddha! Instructions on how to create your own inspired quotes and tailored remindfulness products are here. This engaging process connects us with inner wisdom and enhances success!

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One click can change a life... even a world. It's because when there's wisdom attached to that click, those who receive and understand experience an enlightenment. Our world is redivined through such enlightenments. You can help us make that difference.

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We resolve an astounding collection of mythteries in Be Your Greatest Self, and we're here to help with even more! Videos in this section detail how to apply wisdom from the first guidebook throughout of life. If there's a dream, goal, or desire grounded in wholesomeness, these videos can help you achieve it. If there's healing you seek, this revitalization also helps us overcome our spiritual dragons, the challenges we find most difficult!

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News and press releases detail enhancements for our readers, such as this supporting website and new services we offer. We also apply the wisdom in our Enlightening Strikes book series to resolve scientific and spiritual mysteries, and announce these discoveries globally.


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The Next Level


Are you amazed that we solve life's greatest challenges so easily? There is a logical order to All That Is, and we leverage it in Be Your Greatest Self. The marvellous inner workings are revealed in our second guidebook, Redivine Life: Faith for the Logical Mind. Claim completeness, synergy, and empowerment while learning these divine methods, then apply the wisdom to make every goodness infinitely pure and everlasting.

Enlightening Strikes: 

About the series  


The Enlightening Strikes series unleashes personal potential through a three-stage process. We begin with enlightenment, wherein we resolve our most troubling misbeliefs and an intrinsic lightness permeates life. Joyful satori follows; this pervasive happiness sustains when love becomes unconditional, for in being love, we are enveloped by love. Finally, we embrace transcendence, wherein life is defined by completeness, synergy, and empowerment; this occurs when we understand and integrate the order of All That Is into daily life, while also helping others claim the same life-reforming alignments. This is the divine journey, and Enlightening Strikes guidebooks help us realize excellence throughout all three stages.

Peace of mind, vitality, health, happiness, empowerment… they’re all related. They’re functions of our belief systems, for beliefs guide our actions and thereby shape the lives we live. Beliefs are also how we see the world, thereby forming the constraints of all joy. Beliefs are paramount within our life experience; they are the difference between our limited and greatest self, and what stands between the reality we know and legendary life.


To be our greatest self, we redivine beliefs. We dissolve discord by discovering how feelings really work. We learn the true nature of willpower, realizing objectives through wisdom and love instead of force. Vices and addictions? Conflicting loves of our lives lose their grip when the bliss of natural alignment is ours; this too is a matter of beliefs. Anger and depression, hatred and suffering, a hell in our past? All afflictions dissipate as wholesome beliefs move us into relation with all that is. Health and wellbeing are results of this greater harmony. This is the path to the legendary life, and it's the content of Be Your Greatest Self, book one of the Enlightening Strikes series.