Legendary life is only the beginning

You've become your greatest self and claimed legendary life;

now Redivine Life with Faith for the Logical Mind.

Imagine a world filled with profits. On every street corner and in every home, the profit of God. Wealth, health, longevity, abundance, bliss even… the delights that are the pursuit of every life.

Since the dawn of time, the objective of world prophets has been to share the wisdom that leads to the whole sum of wholesome, and they detailed their methods in a thousand ways. Their collective wisdom is deciphered and revealed in this second guidebook of our Enlightening Strikes series. All may now Redivine Life and enjoy the whole sum of wholesome.

Redivine Life builds upon the foundation of book one, Be Your Greatest Self, by revealing astounding logical and rational relationships within All That Is. We leverage this understanding to realize the peace of God, quantum wisdom, financial abundance, vibrant health, infinite life, power beyond measure... the wealth of dreams. If you seek a logical path that isn’t shrouded in myth, this is for you. Bring legendary to a whole new level. Redivine life with faith for the logical mind.